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  • Built-in gsm modem
  • Contact id to gsm sms message text converter
  • Supports sia contact id codes receiver standard
  • System control by using maxim-dallas iButton keys (iButton DS1990A - 64 bit id)
  • 1 temperature probe
  • 4 outputs for remote control via gsm cell phone
  • 8 general alarm inputs including power supply voltage monitoring via sms messages
  • 400 remote control users via free short call
  • 400 users control by GSM call or using maxim-dallas iButton keys
  • Configuration using standard mini-USB cable
  • Free configuration and diagnostic software

Model: GTCOM v1
Price of Sample                         126 EUR s
Note: VAT is not included



  • Receiving of Contact ID codes from the security control panel and their converting into SMS readable format.
  • Individual protection of houses, garages, cottages and other premises.
  • Remote control of the devices via GSM network
  • Access control. Gate/door control.
  • Automation of premises, temperature and voltage control.
  • Heating system or Climate control equipment, programmable temperature alarm hysteresis, Alarm and Restore temperature

Be Informed !!! Receive All Control panels messages into your Mobile Phone

This is an add-on board that connects to your existing alarm control panel to convert Contact ID to SMS. It is designed for people who wish to have monitoring of their security control panels without paying for external back-to-base monitoring.


The list of Central panels which are tested with GTCOM GSM communicator Contact ID to SMS converter:
DSC PC1616;DSC 1565;DSC 5010;
Paradox SPC-1738EX; Paradox Digiplex Evo192;
Pyronix Matrix 6;
Teletek CA62SE;
Satel CA-10;

Practically the module can work with any central panel which has PSTN communicator and meets Ademco Contact ID data format according to SIA SIA DC-05 standard. Also Central panel must support phone number dialing using DTMF tones. (Pulse dialing is not supported by GTCOM)


Important: the security control panel must support tone (DTMF) dialing. Also data transfer CONTACT ID protocol must be in DTMF tones. Pulse format is not supported.

A lot of security control panels are able to transfer events to the security monitoring stations via PSTN land phone line via Contact ID protocol. These messages help to quickly find out where the event took place and what kind of event is it, e.g. triggered sensor, security system in ARM state, security system troubles, network failure etc. However a lot of security control panels are not able to send SMS to a user to inform about alarms and other events of the security system. To solve this problem the module GTCOM has been developed, which can simulate PSTN line, receive DTMF Contact ID messages and convert them into readable format as well as to send SMS message to a user via GSM network. The module is compatible with any security control panel, which supports DTMF (tone) dialing and Ademco Contact ID data format according to SIA SIA DC-05 standard. The GTCOM module may be applied for protection of house, garages, cottages, vehicles as well as for access control, gate control, objects' automation, smart house and temperature control. For premises protection and in many other applications. 

GTCOM module simulates operation of dial-up line and received Contact ID messages from the security control panel. All information from the security control panel to the module is being transferred in DTMF tones.

From the security control panel receives CONTACT ID message as follows: ACCT MT Q XYZ GG CCC S

 The following message codes are being described in order to convert CONTACT ID message into SMS text: Q:XYZ:GG:CCC Q- event qualifier, XYZ-- event code, GG- partition, CCC-zone/user number. To describe CONTACT ID message codes 4 tables are used. Event description text may be changed. Thus desirable text may be generated for every received CONTACT ID message.


Key features of the module:
  • To be connected to the dial-up communicator of the control panel. Converts Contact ID (DTMF) codes into readable text and send SMS to a user.
  • 7 inputs. Fully programmable zones.
  • 1 inputs for arm/disarm the security system.
  • 4 programmable 1.5A OC outputs for remote control or for fulfillment of selected function.
  • 1 output for monitoring of system’s state. LED indicator.
  • 16 users who receive information about protected object. Reception of information in a form of SMS or via DIAL short call.
  • 400 users. ARM/DISARM and outputs control by using Maxim-Dallas iButton keys (iButton DS1990A - 64 Bit ID)
  • 400 users being able to control gate or electromagnetic lock via free short call.
  • ARM/DISARM of the system via free short call.
  • Temperature measurement. For temperature control, tracking, alarm and control.
  • Voltage measurement. Voltage monitoring and alarm.
  • External microphone. Remote voice listening option via external microphone.
  • Option to connect BELL for alarm indication.
  • System state BUZZER. (Optional output type)
  • FLASH feature may be used for direction indicators on arming or disarming or in the event of alarm. (Optional output type)
  • Sending of periodical test including system parameters.
  • SMS about state of each sensor, alarms, power supply voltage and GSM communication level.
  • Built-in GSM module.
  • Automatically send alarm signals to preset telephones, no limit of distance free SMS text in your native language and short call additionally informs about system alarm.
  • Voice listening via external microphone. Automatically picks up a handset if called from the user's phone.
  • SMS text simple-to-change.
  • SMS of periodical test. Comfortable control of account balance in line with visibility of useful information.
  • Very useful features is troubleshooting and testing of the module via USB PC; this saves time for installer and allows real-time monitoring of module parameters, input/output and GSM modem status (IMEI, SIM, registration) etc.
  • Testing and diagnostic of the module via USB by using program SERA
  • Remote set-up via SMS messages.
  • Configuration of the module via USB.
  • Free configuration program SERA.
This products works by-it-self...not requires paying any yearly subscription fee.
This is simple like your cell phone just put any SIM card into the module...

This product will work on these bands below which are used in Europe, US, Australia New Zealand, and many other Countries. When buying this item, please make sure that your Country uses the correct GSM band and let us know in the checkout your Countries GSM Band.

Multi-Band GSM Networks Works in any Country
(850MHZ, 900MHZ) OR (1800MHZ, 1900MHZ)
Brand New with 12-month replacement warranty.

Additional accessories under request:

Temperature sensor with 1 m cable

External microphone with 1 m cable and connector

iButton probe + LED

iButton key

Download instruction

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